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Uses of IndexDouble in net.obsearch.index

Fields in net.obsearch.index declared as IndexDouble
protected  IndexDouble<O> TestFrameworkDouble.index

Methods in net.obsearch.index with parameters of type IndexDouble
static double[] CommonsDouble.fullMatchLite(OBDouble query, boolean filterSame, IndexDouble index)
          This method returns a list of all the distances of the query against the DB.
 void<O> index, double range, byte k)
          Perform all the searches with
 void<O> index, double range, byte k)
          Perform all the searches with
 void TestFrameworkDouble.searchSequential(O o, OBPriorityQueueDouble<O> result, IndexDouble<O> index, double range)
          Sequential search.

Constructors in net.obsearch.index with parameters of type IndexDouble
TestFrameworkApproxDouble(Class<O> type, int dbSize, int querySize, IndexDouble<O> index)
TestFrameworkDouble(Class<O> type, int dbSize, int querySize, IndexDouble<O> index)
          Create a new test with a DB size of dbSize and a query size of querySize.
VectorTestFrameworkApproxDouble(int vectorDimensionality, int dbSize, int querySize, IndexDouble<OBVectorDouble> index)
VectorTestFrameworkDouble(int vectorDimensionality, int dbSize, int querySize, IndexDouble<OBVectorDouble> index)

Uses of IndexDouble in net.obsearch.index.ghs.impl

Classes in net.obsearch.index.ghs.impl that implement IndexDouble
 class Sketch64Double<O extends OBDouble>

Uses of IndexDouble in net.obsearch.index.perm.impl

Classes in net.obsearch.index.perm.impl that implement IndexDouble
 class DistPermDouble<O extends OBDouble>

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