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Uses of OBQueryByte in net.obsearch.index.bucket.impl

Methods in net.obsearch.index.bucket.impl with parameters of type OBQueryByte
 void<O> query, B b, ByteBuffer data, Filter<O> filter, Statistics stats)
 void<O> query, B b, Filter<O> filter, byte[] key1, byte[] key2, Statistics stats)
          Convenience method that forces the search to be performed on a certain key set.
 void<O> query, B b, Filter<O> filter, Statistics stats)
          Searches the data by using a binary search to reduce SMAP vector computations.

Uses of OBQueryByte in net.obsearch.index.bucket.sleek

Methods in net.obsearch.index.bucket.sleek with parameters of type OBQueryByte
 void<O> query, BucketObjectByte<O> bucket, ByteBuffer b, Filter<O> filter, Statistics stats)
 void<O> query, BucketObjectByte<O> bucket, Filter<O> filter, Statistics stats)

Uses of OBQueryByte in net.obsearch.index.ghs.impl

Methods in net.obsearch.index.ghs.impl that return types with arguments of type OBQueryByte
 Iterator<List<OBQueryByte<O>>> Sketch64Byte.knnGraph(int k, byte r)
          Performs a knn graph search

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