Class BDBOBStoreJeByteArray

  extended by<TupleBytes>
      extended by
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public class BDBOBStoreJeByteArray
extends AbstractBDBOBStoreJe<TupleBytes>

BDBOBStoreByteArray. This class makes the implementation of BDBOBStore much cleaner and simpler.

Arnoldo Jose Muller Molina

Nested Class Summary
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AbstractBDBOBStoreJe.ByteArrayIterator, AbstractBDBOBStoreJe.CursorIterator<T>
Field Summary
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counter, db, sequence, stats
Constructor Summary
BDBOBStoreJeByteArray(String name, db, sequences, OBStoreFactory fact, boolean duplicates)
          Builds a new Storage system by receiving a Berkeley DB database.
Method Summary
 CloseIterator<TupleBytes> processAll()
          Process all the elements in the DB.
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allowsDuplicatedData, close, delete, deleteAll, getFactory, getName, getReadStats, getStats, getValue, nextId, optimize, prepareBytes, processAllKeys, processRange, processRangeNoDup, processRangeReverse, processRangeReverseNoDup, put, putIfNew, setReadStats, size
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Constructor Detail


public BDBOBStoreJeByteArray(String name,
                             OBStoreFactory fact,
                             boolean duplicates)
Builds a new Storage system by receiving a Berkeley DB database.

db - The database to be stored.
name - Name of the database.
sequences - Database used to store sequences.
Throws: - if something goes wrong with the database.
Method Detail


public CloseIterator<TupleBytes> processAll()
                                     throws OBStorageException
Description copied from interface: OBStore
Process all the elements in the DB. Useful for debugging.

An iterator that goes through all the data in the DB.

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