Interface OB

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
OBByte, OBDouble, OBFloat, OBInt, OBLong, OBShort
All Known Implementing Classes:
OBSlice, OBVectorByte, OBVectorDouble, OBVectorFloat, OBVectorInt, OBVectorLong, OBVectorShort

public interface OB
extends Storable

An object to be stored in an Index must comply with this interface A distance must be defined and also means of encoding and decoding the object from a byte representation. Objects that implement this interface will be created by using the default constructor and initialized by the load method. Exceptions generated by the user should extend from OBException WARNING: The equals method *must* be implemented. The equals does not have to be true when the distance returns 0. Equals is only used when the database is queried for the existence of an object.

Arnoldo Jose Muller Molina

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Methods inherited from interface net.obsearch.Storable
load, store

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