Package net.obsearch.example

Provides examples on how to use OBSearch.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
AbstractGHSExample Adds some parameters required by GHS indexes
OBSlice Example Object that can be stored in OBSearch This class reads strings representations of trees and calculates the distance between the objects by using a tree distance function.
SliceAST This class provides extra functionality required by tree edit distance algorithms and the like.
TreePivotable A class that determines if a tree can be used as a pivot based on the tree's size.

Enum Summary
AbstractExampleGeneral.Mode things the program can do

Exception Summary
HelpException Exception used when the program receives the "help" command line.
SliceParseException Class used to generate an error when a Tree cannot be parsed properly.

Package net.obsearch.example Description

Provides examples on how to use OBSearch.

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