Package net.obsearch.exception

Provides all the exceptions thrown by OBSearch.


Exception Summary
AlreadyFrozenException Exception thrown when an user tries to freeze an index that is already frozen.
BoxNotAvailableException Exception thrown when a box is required but it is not provided by the index.
ClusteringFailedException Exception thrown when a clustering error is signaled.
IllegalIdException Occurs when an internal id requested but the id is not available.
IllegalKException Exception signaled if the provided k is invalid.
KMeansException Exception signaled when KMeans fails for some reason.
KMeansHungUpException Exception signaled when KMeans fails leaves
NotFrozenException Occurs when the user wants to perform an operation in an unfrozen index.
OBException OBException, the mother of all Exceptions in OBSearch.
OBStorageException OBStorageException is raised when an underlying storage exception fails.
OutOfRangeException Class: OutOfRangeException.
PivotsUnavailableException Error thrown when not enough pivots can be found.
UndefinedPivotsException Thrown when the user freezes a pivot index without having selected the pivots.
UnsupportedStorageException UnsupportedStorageException is thrown when a factory cannot provide the requested index.

Package net.obsearch.exception Description

Provides all the exceptions thrown by OBSearch.

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