Uses of Interface

Packages that use Storable
net.obsearch Provides the main interfaces of OBSearch. 
net.obsearch.example Provides examples on how to use OBSearch. 

Uses of Storable in net.obsearch

Subinterfaces of Storable in net.obsearch
 interface OB
          An object to be stored in an Index must comply with this interface A distance must be defined and also means of encoding and decoding the object from a byte representation.

Uses of Storable in net.obsearch.example

Classes in net.obsearch.example that implement Storable
 class OBSlice
          Example Object that can be stored in OBSearch This class reads strings representations of trees and calculates the distance between the objects by using a tree distance function.

Uses of Storable in net.obsearch.index

Classes in net.obsearch.index that implement Storable
 class OBVectorByte
          L1 distance implementation for bytes.
 class OBVectorDouble
          L1 distance implementation for doubles.
 class OBVectorFloat
          L1 distance implementation for floats.
 class OBVectorInt
          L1 distance implementation for ints.
 class OBVectorLong
          L1 distance implementation for longs.
 class OBVectorShort
          L1 distance implementation for shorts.

Uses of Storable in net.obsearch.ob

Subinterfaces of Storable in net.obsearch.ob
 interface OBByte
          Any Object whose distance function returns bytes must implement this interface.
 interface OBDouble
          Any Object whose distance function returns doubles must implement this interface.
 interface OBFloat
          Any Object whose distance function returns floats must implement this interface.
 interface OBInt
          Any Object whose distance function returns ints must implement this interface.
 interface OBLong
          Any Object whose distance function returns longs must implement this interface.
 interface OBShort
          Any Object whose distance function returns shorts must implement this interface.

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